Minnesota Agricultural & Farm Law Attorneys

At Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC, our lawyers understand the issues faced by today’s farmers. Whether you need help negotiating a wind farm easement or drafting a succession plan for the next generation of farm ownership, we can protect your interests every step of the way.The following are examples of the types of legal services we provide to farmers in Southeastern Minnesota:

  • State and federal regulations – We can assist you with governmental regulations, including guidelines governing feedlots, crops and livestock permits.
  • Drainage issues – We can help you with tiling and drainage issues, including petitioning governmental agencies for repairs, laterals, improvements, or outlets. We will help you obtain easements and assist with drainage and tiling disputes.
  • Farm sales and auctions – We will assist you with all matters related to the sale or purchase of agricultural land, including refinancing issues or compliance with subdivision laws.
  • Succession planning – We will work closely with you to put measures in place to ensure the orderly transition of ownership or control from one generation to the next. As part of the process, we will address any land transfer issues and work with your accountant on tax matters.
  • Insurance claims issues – If you have an insurance claim and face delays or denials from your insurance carrier, we will be your advocate to help you get the benefits you need and for which you have paid.
  • Wind farm easements – We will help you negotiate maximum compensation for the use of your property by windmill farms or operations, and will also address any easement issues that arise.

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