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When you, a friend, or a loved one is charged with a crime it can be a very difficult time. The criminal defense attorneys at Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC can help.Many people don’t understand the devastating affects that criminal charges can have. For example, a DWI/DUI can have a long-term impact on a person life, such as vehicle forfeiture, loss of driver’s license and increased insurance costs. The long-term costs of DWI/DUI can be staggering. It is important to know that there are defenses to a DWI/DUI and that a skilled defense attorney can help with.When you are looking for a good defense attorney you need someone who is prepared to take the time required to fully understand your position, discuss your options and deliver positive results. Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC has been serving the Southeastern community for over 60 years and has defended individuals charged with serious felonies and DWIs/DUIs. We can provide you the advice you need to guide you through some of the most difficult days of your life.

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