Minnesota Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney

At Anderson & Skubitz, we are aware that, for many of our clients, a purchase or sale transaction is one of the most important events in their business lives. Because of that, we help clients anticipate all the relevant issues in a buyout or sale transaction such as:

  • What is the market value of the business?
  • What is the reasonable value of the exiting member’s shares?
  • Who chooses the appraiser?
  • What is the venue for settling disputes?
  • Are you buying only the assets of the entity or assuming undue risk by acquiring the liabilities and stock as well?
  • What is the exit strategy?
  • What are the tax consequences of a merger, acquisition or divestment?

We perform due diligence for buyers and counsel sellers on disclosures and representations and review the transactional documents for any ambiguities or red flags.

Contact a Minnesota mergers and acquisitions attorney at Anderson & Skubitz for more information.

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