Family Law Attorneys in Minnesota

Going through a divorce, the process of adoption, other family law proceeding can be very challenging. How you choose to work through sensitive issues can have a significant impact on relationships down the road. What the parties decide now may have a profound impact on your property, parenting time, custody and your financial affairs. It is critical to make sure that the terms of your divorce or other family law issue are fairly negotiated.

Minnesota Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage
At Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC, we work to find solutions to a wide range of divorce matters through negotiation, mediation, litigation and the collaborative law process. Our divorce lawyers will work to protect your rights and interests in a wide range of issues, including:

Minnesota Paternity and Adoption
We also handle cases in which the truth about a child’s paternity needs to be established in order to determine the appropriate support, custody and visitation. Likewise, we offer experienced guidance to step-parents, family members and others considering adoption.

Prenuptial Agreements
If you are contemplating marriage and are considering a prenuptial, contact us today to consulting with an attorney who is experienced in drafting Minnesota prenuptial agreements. It could save you a great deal of expense and heartache in the future.

Children in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS)
Minnesota CHIPS cases typically arise out of allegations of child abuse, child neglect, or truancy. If Child Protection has become involved in your life, you may not always feel that the investigators and social workers are working toward these goals. If so, you will need an attorney experienced in handling CHIPS matters to help you ensure that your children are returned safely to you and that the state does not overstep its bounds in handling your case. Contact us today to speak to a Minnesota CHIPS Attorney.

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