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When spouses separate, the financial situation of the household is usually significantly affected. While child support orders can address the financial needs of the children, the predicament of a non-working spouse or a spouse with a reduced income must also be considered. At Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC we handle all aspects of family law and work with spouses to establish fair spousal support agreements. For effective representation in a spousal maintenance matter, contact our Minnesota alimony lawyers via e-mail or phone us today at 507-665-3349 to set up a consultation.

When a divorce decree is signed and equitable distribution is finalized, the court may order alimony payments. Alimony may be granted if one spouse cannot meet their reasonable needs after looking at their income and the assets they were awarded during equitable distribution. Traditionally a husband would pay alimony to his wife. This is still usually the case when the husband is the main income earner. However, keep in mind that alimony and child support are two separate things. You may be required to only pay one of them; you may be required to pay neither; or, you may need to pay both. It all depends on your unique situation.

Duration of Alimony or Spousal Support
The duration of the alimony will be determined by the courts. Temporary alimony payments are payments that will end after a certain period of time but permanent alimony may also be awarded. Permanent alimony will only end if the recipient remarries, the court terminates the support, or if either party dies.

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