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Minnesota Child Support Lawyer
Minnesota child support payments are largely determined by state child support guidelines that take into account (among other factors) the income of each parent and the number of nights per year that the children will be spending with each parent. At Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC we represent the rights of parents during the process of determining the proper application of child support guidelines.We prepare agreements that take into consideration educational expenses, quality health care, clothing, and special needs for children. For legal guidance in a custody or child support matter, contact our experienced Minnesota child support attorneys via email or call us today at 507-665-3349.

Child Support Modification
Child support agreements tend to change throughout the years as the material circumstances of the parents change. Our Southeastern Minnesota family law practice represents the interests of our clients in all post-decree modification matters.

We also handle child support enforcement matters. We help parents secure current child support and back payments from so-called “deadbeat dads” or “deadbeat moms.” Contact our Southeastern Minnesota Attorneys Today

For effective legal counsel in a child support matter, contact our Minnesota child support lawyer via email or call us today at 507-665-3349.

Minnesota Child Custody Lawyer
When deciding issues regarding child custody, the courts in Minnesota will consider many factors including the preference of the child, the mental and physical health of the parents, the relationship between the child, the parents, and any siblings and a number of other pertinent factors.

At Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC, we understand the impact that divorce and parental separation has on children. We work hard to negotiate effective custody arrangements that directly address the best interests of your children. When dealing with child custody or visitation, our clients appreciate the caring and supportive atmosphere that we provide to families along with our legal ability and experience.

If you need legal advice in a custody matter, contact our child custody lawyers. We service clients throughout Southeastern Minnesota. We advocate for the rights of all family members during the difficult process of family dissolution. We help families establish Minnesota custody agreements that recognize and respond to all family relationships. Our family law attorneys handle shared custody, sole custody, and joint custody matters.

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To discuss how an experienced attorney at Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC can protect your rights and your child’s best interests in custody and visitation matters, contact us today.

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