Paternity Lawyer in Minnesota

Being the father of a child can bring significant financial responsibilities, though not necessarily the right to have a relationship with the child. While establishing paternity is a simple process, the legal ramifications of fatherhood can be very complex. The attorneys at Anderson & Skubitz, PLLC can help both mothers and fathers in Minnesota paternity cases. Call us at 507-665-3349 for a consultation. We can discuss your situation and how we may be able to achieve your legal goals.

Establishing Paternity
To collect the DNA needed for a paternity test, a few skin cells are scraped from the mouths of the child and the purported father. The two samples are then analyzed and compared in a medical laboratory to determine whether the man is the father of the child.

Paternity and Child Support
A biological father can be required to pay child support. The attorneys at Anderson & Skubitz represent mothers who wish to establish the parentage of a child for the purposes of obtaining child support.

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